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spree is in custody. how fay remembering the . the manhunt is over in the south bay. the second assessment in the deadly san jose crime spree is in custody. how friends and family are remembering the victim. >> and in the world of weather, we are starting out with a world of fog in the bay area. dense fog advisories are posted. that will change as the day goes on and so will the weather, midweek. we will have the details.
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>> and way it may be time to think small for your holiday shopping. why your neighborhood businesses probably need a lot more love than just one year. thank you for joining us. i am anne makovec. >> and i am bill clinton. we have -- matte. we -- bill ma tear. we have a lot of new to talk about. on the verge of going out of business what, does it mean for marketing, eating and jobs. i am phil matier. a second suspect is now in custody in a deadly crime spree in san jose. >> yes. friends and family are honoring a 22-year-old victim this weekend. police used this sketch to track down a suspect. he is 15, hiding at a home in concord. 's minor and booked now in jew
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nile hall. his name has not been released since he is a minor. this is a cervical photo of two robber who is tried to carjack a store outside a 7-eleven on november 5th. he was a football player and aspiring hip hop artist. he was only 22 and remembered yesterday in a memorial service in campbell. >> he was great, always jovial and happy. a practical jokingly police say in addition to murdering mark petty ford, he is now faces charges of murder and assault on a police officer and robbery. >> meanwhile, the first first public meeting for the search for a shows police chief.
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the search for a successor is under way. officials want unput from residents about what qualities they should look for in a new chief. the first meet willing be tomorrow night. new this morning, a woman walking on highway 101 in san mateo county is dead. police are trying to figure out why she was walking in the middle of the freeway. she was hit and killed on 101 at the southport off ramp at 8:15. a multicar accident ensued, closing down northbound lanes for two hours. a second sister has died following a crash in palo alto. a father was driving his wife and four daughters in their suv early friday morning when he slammed into the back of a cruiser parked on the right side of highway 101. police don't know what caused the suv to hit the cruiser. the two sisters who died were thrown from 2 vehicle. the family had just spent the
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night dog black friday shopping in gilroy. this week justices at the u.s. supreme court will meet to decide whether to hear case on same-sex marriage. they need to decide whether to marry an appeal from defenders of proposition 8, the controversial california initiative banning gay marriage in the state, truck down by lower courts. the justices will sift through several other cases from other state to decide whether legally married gay couples in those states have the right to equal benefits. >> that will be an interesting session. >> it is. meanwhile, the holiday rush for shopping focused on mom and pop stores this weekend. >> yes. for those that that didn't like the drama of the big box store, shoppers opened their wallets again for small business saturday. this retailer holiday was created by american express in 2010. the day focus on getting exposure for local businesses that can't compete with large retailer, but there are a lot of reasons to buy local. independent
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. >> i went to sun valley mall. it was really crazy, super long lines. merchandise all other. it is much nicer and more relaxed today. >> this weekend president obama did his part by hitting an independent bookstore in virginia. he took his girls shopping at a store called one more page. he bought books and shook hands of shoppers and employees. well, cyber monday may be more your style. you can find good deals online while keeping your credit and identity safe with this... >> reporter: cyber monday deals aim for the 72 million americans who say they will do holiday shop from the office this year. when shopping online, confirm a website is secure before entering any information. look for an s after http in the url. paying with a credit card will offer more protections than debit. check statements regularly to
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make sure the only charges are ones you made. keep record of order confirmations and receipt with a designated folder in you your inbox or an app. retailers officially adopted the cyber monday moniker in 2005. seven years later it may be time for a name change with a boom in mobile and consumer shopping from sentence and tablets. a reminder for those that -- sentence and tablets. don't use public wifi, only secure connections. lock device with a password so data is protected even when your phone is out of your hands. the national retailer federation says 4 in 10 retailers will offer free shipping with no conditions attached. and we have a lot more tip on how to get the most out of cyber monday on m/cyber monday. a bitter end to an american
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icon. >> maybe not completely bitter. next, the downfall of hostess and what may be a valuable brand now up for grabs. our conversation with an expert next from saint mary's college. to his next year in office.t we can expect from jerry brn in sacramento. . big ballot wins for the governor of california. we will look to his next year in office. what we can expect from jerry brown in sacramento. >> we are starting out cloudy, will end sunny and lots of details ahead on how things will be changing this week, and the changes are big time. so, please, we beg you, stay tuned.
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thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. "dallas." after the man after the man behind "j-r e" passed away. yesterday, fans left flowert larry hagman's star . new changes for the remake of dallas after the man behind j.r. ewing passed away. fans left flowers on the
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"hollywood walk of fame." he died friday at the age of 81. they will rewrite its script to reflect the death of the infamous oil barron. they will give his character a proper sendoff. kind of sad. well, around here, looks like we have some fog around some parts of the bay this morning. it is making driving difficult for some folks, but it will clear up, right, brian? >> yes. we are used to the fog in the bay area. it is like summertime stuff. there is drizzle around as well that will clear up by 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. we will get sunshine as we head out there. east bay is 33. livermore 42 degrees. santa rosa is 40. we have changes ahead this week. after the fog this morning, sun later and rain in the bay area tuesday. once the rain begins it will not be going away any time soon. i will tell you about that in a
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bit. but first, the moisture that poured over the pacific northwest is sagging over the bay area in the form of a weak little tail end of a trough that came through central california. the southeastern pacific is staying planted and this low will move closer to the shoreline. when it does it will dig out a deep trough over the coast and things will get wet on wednesday. enjoy sunday. we will start out with fog. then sunshine later in day. in terms of the rest of california, it is the season for the fog in the central valley. if you have never driven in the central valley in january, i continue recommend it. it is the most treacherous weather around, and dense fog there from sacramento south this morning. from the bay area, not bad at all. 66 fremont. 69 in livermore. 6 for mountain view and nice in pacifica, 64 degrees. 69 at santa rosa and 64 in the city. extended forecast has clouds increasing on tuesday.
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then wednesday it is going to be rainy and windy. thursday through next saturday will be on again-off again showers. we enter the showery regime is second half of this week. enjoy the sunshine while you can. then here comes the rain. phil and ann? >> well, thank you. what can i say, twinky, ho hos and the hostess brand will be winding down its operation, meaning more than 18,000 people will be out of a job, including 150 here in the bay area, plus others across the state. what is the demise of the maker of twinkies tell us about branding versus marketing in the 21st century. we talked about that issue this morning with a business professor of saint mary's college. >> we asked how much can the bankruptcy be blamed on product, versus management and labor demands? >> it is a combination of all
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those things. in terms of bakery products, the kind of things that hostess make, demand has been growing slowly over the last few years. we still buy the products and eat them, but hostess hasn't been able to come up with the kind of product that is we want to buy. in particular in the kind of breads they make. their demand has been declining significantly in the last two years. >> was it no longer profitable for them to make it because americans were not buying enough or was it not profitable enough for them so they thought they would invest elsewhere, or was it labor rules? >> they have been losing money for several years. hostess was in bankruptcy from 2004 to 2009 already. they came out with a plan to revive the company. it didn't work out. some of it may have been labor issues. their labor force may be a
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little too expensive and inflexible if their own rules, but it was a lack offense innovation and coming up with the kinds of product that is we want to buy that, are healthier, and more in tune with what people in the 21st century want. >> is a large corporation like hostess nationwide still capable of surviving and thriving and providing job to people that they can raise their families with? is that still a reality in america? >> it is. you have a lot of companies within the u.s. making products in the u.s. and are hugely profitable. >> and still providing the types of benefits to their worker that is we consider when we say good jobs? are they still providing that or is it more part-time with less benefit in the in other words, where is the balance between the corporation and the labor in america. >> in the last few years we have seen the balance has gone toward the corporation. labor, especially when we are
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talking about unskilled labor in general, they are becoming less and less powerful. what we are seeing is that the labor market in the u.s. is getting very fragmented. at the top you have the employees of the googles and the apples who command very big premiums. and at the other end, we have companies like hostess that employee lots of unskilled labor. >> but do they have a future in america? >> they don't have the same kind of future, no. that is one of the things that as a society we have to think about. how do we balance those two very practicingmented markets because -- two very fragmented markets. >> right. because you have apple thriving nonstop and hostess which employees the other end of the spectrum going into bankruptcy. future -- will will be twinkies and things like that on the shevells in the next few years?
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will somebody take it over? >> somebody will buy the brand and capitol making twinkies and all the other products. they will be available, just made by someone else. pgh will they be made by workers being making enough money or lower wages and benefits. >> that is a good question. i am not sure. >> when they promised jobs in the last presidential campaign what, kind of jobs will they be if you can't operate something like hostess. chances are it has to be a lot more tech al. >> you are -- technical. >> you are talking about california, you may be able to survive on a manufacturing job in the midwest, but it is more difficult here. >> it is. when everybody heard hostess is going out of business they were shocked. everybody remembered twinkies, snowballs, ho-hos, but then you ask the next question, when was the time you had one.
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everybody stopped and said when i was a kid, or it has been years. so, you have higher labor costs and changing dietary habits. people eat sugar in a different way now. they still it, but in a different way. >> and when it come to hostess hanging on to white bread when everybody is getting excited about wheat and multigrain, there is a lack of changing with the times going on there. next, dreaming of hitting a powerball jackpot, the biggest in the history. and how governor jerry brown will deal with the super majority in sacramento. the political insiders will sound off after this break. brown's next year in office.
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we're looking at year with e democrats hold a supermajory in sacramento. so we turn to former mayor willie brown. and san francisco examiner's melissa griffin. our first question: you've watched jey brown over time...what do yu think we'll see this comingr from him. eng_phil willie melissa grin for weekend 11-23 phil says, it's not over ye, it's still a very tricky economy in ca (anchors react to pkg) huge powerball jackp . now on to governor brown. what do you think we will see with him in the coming year. >> well, he solved the problem of whether or not to run for re-
8:51 am
election, but if california becomes the number one state in the country on recovery side, first to solve the problem on the finance side. he has take an first step to do that. the next step will be can you keep local publics from going bankrupt. he will do that, as well. you will see a dramatic change in the employment category for california. when all that happens jerry will be able to go across the nation saying i didn't follow my need. >> nonif i should take off right now. the idea of him running for president yet again? what do you think? >> the country is open to lots of possibilities, i think, but a buddhist president, an 80-something-year-old buddhist president, i don't think we are ready for that. >> you don't see him doing that anymore. >> that is true, but -- . >> he is quoting the bible more. >> so, maybe he is running for
8:52 am
something other than that, but it is not out of the woods yet in california. it is still a very tricky economy. it could go -- these bubbles could start bursting, as well. >> you have to understand that he has sped it up so that he is the first executive in all of the states in the union to raise taxes on the rich. he did that in california. believe me, i am sure that if anybody had an idea it is retroactive. it goes back to january 1st, 2012. a whole lot of people in the state of california owe a whole lot of money they didn't know they owed people. jerry brown is magnificant in the way of reaching manager to move the pea under the pod! >> the pea under the pod? [ laughing ] at the same time the california has massive spending on the cap and trade program. if things don't pan out and he holds himself up responsible for incredible things happening
8:53 am
in the state, he will be out there if these things don't work out. >> not just cap and trade, but -- . >> he could be held up for -- . >> he is going to succeed. my cousin is going to succeed. >> my cousin! brown and brown! >> speaking of hi favorite, sutter brown, the corky, the dog, he is so darned cute. they parade that had dog and to get people to vote for prop 30 and it may have worked! >> you know, in politics as in news reporters, if you can get a dog and a kid on the cover, chances are you have a winter, especially if you serve food at the time. that is what politics is about. but jerry brown is one of the most inanythingmatic and one of the most incredible, effervesce hasn't managers on the scene. he will look around and say, okay, who else do you have? if hillary clinton is in the
8:54 am
mixture, do the talk show circuit. and i want to bring up another story, the lottery. >> yes. this was is largest jackpot ever, but, california is not one of them. the previous top powerball prize was $365 million won in 2006 by a group of conagra group of food workers in lincoln, nebraska, and you can bet they are not working anymore. >> no, but we are not getting a chance unless we drive to oregon, nevada or arizona. so, if you are going there, you may want to pick up a ticket. but in sports the warriors look for a home in minnesota. >> and stanford make as bit a
8:55 am
of team history and is still in the hunt for a pack 10 title. good morning, everyone. in stanford football history no team has ever beaten three ranked teams three weeks in a row until last night. stefon taylor cias in from 1 yard out. 36-yards shy behind sanford's rushing record. on the ensuing kick-off, the ball is popped loose. picks up the loose ball and runs it in for another stanford touchdown. the cardinals win 35-17. they will face ucla friday for the pack 12 title. notre dame looking to punch their ticket against usc. notre dame withins it 22-13. the fighting irish are going to their first national title game since the lou holtz era. look here, i think we have the
8:56 am
first dunk of the year. warriors here trail by 4 going into the final 12 minutes. take minnesota 26-211 in the 4th. the warriors win it 96-# 5. that is a look at sports. we will see you tonight at 5:30. you can join us for the raiders and bengal this is morning at 10:00 on cbs 5, followed by the post game show. generosity is growing in london neighborhoods. coming up next, the technology connecting strangers. >> and san jose is in the middle of its search for its next police chief. coming up next, our conversation with the councilman on what they are looking for. >> and we are asking today, what is next for republicans. we will be right back #
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democratic supermajority in sacramento. and does this mean it's thed of the road for republicansn rnia. next - why i . california going blue in a/big way, wielding the democratic majority in sacramento. >> and does this mean the end of the roads for republicans in california? it all depends on who you ask. >> and in the weather department, not today or tomorrow, but soon we will be seeing a change in the weather.
9:00 am
but first, here is phil and ann. >> that is right. it is cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. the time is 8:59. i am phil matier. >> and i am anne makovec. we are glad you are starting your sunday here with us. we have a lot to to talk about in the next half hour, including the search for a new police chief in san jose. the department has been very embattled over the last few years, financial problems, low morale. >> and tension with city hall. >> we will hear from the city councilman what they want the hear from their next police chief. >> yes. and the no raising taxes and other things going on. meanwhile, we have a top story right now. another lethal weekend and still unfolding on the streets of oakland. >> yes. shootings have left two people dead and search people hurt over a 24-hour period yesterday morning. an 18-year-old mother was found shot to death in her home in the fruitdale district and
9:01 am
later a 19-year-old man was shot and killed on san pablo avenue. there were six fatal shootings since friday enforcement arrests have been made in these cases. an unofficial account puts oakland's homicide total at 113 this year, one more than all of last year and we have another month to go. two shows police officers were injured trying to -- two san jose police officers were injured trying to break up a fight. when officers got to the scene, people started throwing bottles at them. >> officers continued to have bottles and objects thrown at them. a second officer where you say injured trying to take the suspect into custody. >> it took 60 officers to break up the fight. 42 people were arrested on charges range from assault with a deadly weapon to misdemeanor charges. meanwhile, the first public meeting in san jose for a new police chief happens tomorrow.
9:02 am
chris moore plan to retire at the end of january and the search for a successor is already under way but officials want input from residents about what quality these are looking for in a new chief. the first meeting happens tomorrow night at 6:30 at the communities center. in washington this week justices at the supreme court will meet to decide whether to hear cases on same-sex marriage. first they will decide whether to hear an appeal from the defenders of proposition 8, the california initiative that bans gay marriage but has been struck down in lower courts. the justices will also sift through several other cases whether legally married gay couples have the right to legal benefits. and in national newers protestors in cairo threw rocks at riot police who in response fired back with tears. >> the protestors are angry about a decree by mohammed morsi that bars judicial review of his decisions. critiques are calling the
9:03 am
president the same word sometimes used to describe the former president mubarak. china has a fighter jet landing on its first ever new aircraft carrier. the j-15 yet successfully landed on the deck of the carrier when ened services in september. it was rebrought in from a ship bought from the ukraine. the carrier will raise the overall strength of the chinese navy. yacht caught fire off the coast of miami beach there. you can see it on the video. it started on the 80-foot vessel about 15-miles away from shore. there were three people on the boat, jumped into the water and rescued from the coastguard. the yacht named bliss is partially submerge this had morning. they are working on salvaging it and no injuries were reported. the editor who accomplished
9:04 am
kate middleton's photos was suspected after the pictures were released back in september. you may remember that brouhaha. the photo led to tensions between shareholders and a possible shutdown of the tabloid. >> and changes in favor of more diversity in politics is extending all the way to a state legendary for conservativetism. yes. a democrat represent as drink and drive in phoenix. during the campaign her opponents labeled her everything from a communist to a witch. >> she came in and spend a lot of money, and they are trying to tell a story about her that isn't true. >> she is one of four kids in her family homeless, but then went on to earn a masters, phd and law degree.
9:05 am
she also runs marathons and triathlons. what a gal! well, california's congressional delegation is overwhelmly democratic and so is state government. grace lee shows us the republicans are trying to figure out what they are doing wrong. >> this election, whether it was in the state of california or for the nation was a little bit of a wake up call for republicans. >> reporter: on the national front californians voted in additional democrat to congress, that means 38 of the 53 districts are dominated by democrats in the house. at the state level, the senate and assembly have a super majority of democrat that is the 2/3 of the members. with both the senators staunch democrats and a demonstrate governor, where did the -- democratic governor, where did the republicans go wrong. many believe they are
9:06 am
alienating too many voters. >> right now a sign on the outside door if you are gay, lesbian, black, latino or hispanic, etc., you are not welcome. >> reporter: the assembly in san francisco admits their standard in california has been less than successful recently. >> but the republican party has a challenge there. it is their fault. they haven't been as outreaching as they should. we used to have a game plan. >> reporter: but it is not over yet they say, from the state legislature to the president, democratic leadership is believed to be the ones to help republicans rise again. >> the dangers for the democrats because every mistake they make will be laidality their doorstep. they will be blamed for everything they do and there is no way they can point to a republican saying you are at vault or to blame. i am very optimistic about the future. we are so far down, where else can we go? >> reporter: grace lee, cbs 5
9:07 am
eyewitness news. >> well, democrats may be basking in their victory in california, but in the state that is are red, they are turning more red. 25 states have super majorities. >> what will sacramento democrats do with their super majority? >> still to come, the wheeling and dealing about to begin and legislative priorities for the new year. >> and first, turning to san jose's next police chief. the public will be able to weigh in. next, our conversation with him. and dense fog around the bay area this morning giving way to sunshine and the sunshine goodies way eventually to pretty good rain. we will tell you where and how much, and what color the rain will be -- well, maybe we won't do that -- after the break!
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now there's a social networn london, inspired by that generosity. cbs reporter monica villamizar with the b site that's paying off for thousands.
9:11 am
. stevens created a website. >> we needed a list of things on our street we would be willing to share from each over. >> it works like a bank where you can borrow and lend things, but it is free. >> i am good at keeping itall yan -- . >> he was about to borrow cookbooks from a neighbor he has only met online. they live less than a mile apart and a few minutes on street bank brought them together. sharing on the website has brought people together from other parts of the world. so far 18,000 people have met their neighbors using street banks. some have been sharing for
9:12 am
about a year. >> if someone wants to help with a local charity, we gave them a hand with that. >> street bank is a great alternative to compulsive buying, and it has helped her connect with her community. >> it is a very big world, but again, you have a neighbor next to you and you see their face there. >> reporter: the street banks creator says it is good for the soul, and it keeps people coming back. cbs news, london. brian hackney . all right, it is 9:12. a lot of fog around the area, giving people problems with traveling early. >> there is fog. what will it be for the rest of the day. >> it is one of those things you are driving and all of a sudden you see the brake lights. >> right. wait until you get to the central veil. major league stuff there.
9:13 am
out here, not so bad. on the golden gate bridge, dense fog advisories. different than yesterday morning at this time. take a look at how things are now. sunshine. 50 at the airport. 54 at the airport and 46 in santa rosa. everybody recover to the upper 60s today. not as warm as yesterday but a little warmer than usual this time of year. you can see the low fog here in the bay area and central valley -- or santa clara valley and central valley, as well, where there have been fog advisories posted for sacramento. high pressure in command of the eastern pacific, but not for long. low pressure that approaches will give out a chance of showers late tuesday in the bay area and the chance will linger all the way through next weekend. foggy, then sunny for today. if you are heading out tomorrow. the airport doesn't look so good tomorrow morning.
9:14 am
you could be complaining about it being foggy earlier. a high of 66. if you are heading to the southland, not so bad. partly cloudy skies and 70 at lax off the santa monica freeway. new york partly cloudy and 39. in the bay area in the santa clara valley. 68 degrees. 667 in san mateo. in the east bay, 67 degrees for antioch, 66 for brentwood and 69 in san rafael. north bay mid to upper 60s. a beautiful sunday for much of the bay area once we descend from the fog and low clouds. rain in the bay area late tuesday. wednesday wet and windy 678 will it be on again, off again rain for the bay area right through next weekend. expect things to turn wet beginning of midweek. you heard it here first. >> we will be prepared. thank you. san jose is on the attach
9:15 am
for a new top cop. tomorrow the public will get a chance to weigh in. >> for more on what the city is looking for, we turn to campos. what kind of opportunities lie ahead and challenges for the new chief. well, he is retiring. this is an opportunity to bring in a chief that is going to be able to continue some of the work that he did in terms of bringing trust back to our community. but i think it is also an opportunity to really be more honest with the council in terms of what are the affects of cuts. and i think that with crime rising, and that has risen in our city, you can see that cuts have affected whether or not we have enough personnel out there to maintain. >> one of the reasons why the last chief left was he wanted to go -- you guy to take a measure to the voter to raise tax to get more police because you have these tremendous cuts. the council didn't do that.
9:16 am
what are you offering the new chief to come in. what sort of plan are you giving the new chief? >> well, i believe that will be one of the things that the new chief is going to have to do. he is going to have to be able to come in, and i think, convince the council to be able to bring in more resources so that they can provide more personnel and boosts on the ground. >> you are part of the council. what cuss it take to convince -- what does it take to convince the council of that. it is a bad state right now for the police in san jose. i am talking to the police officers on the street and it is a bullpenning state of affairs. -- depending state of affairs. it has been very dick. >> it has been difficult. that will be one of the other things this new chief will have to do. the morale in the department is low. he will have that to deal with.
9:17 am
he will have to improve on that as well as being able to tell the council what he really needs to be -- he or she -- to be able to just make the community feel much more comfortable that crime will start going down. >> will the council offer this person what he or she needs, because that is part of the problem. he did express that he needed certain things but saw a lot of cuts coming his way and so did the guys on the streets. >> well, as you can tell it has been a divided council. i believe that we need to be able to provide a new chief the resource to be able to do the job effectively. right now our department needs more resources. we need more cuts and to be able to get more police out into our neighborhoods and make our residents feel that much more safe. >> you know, let's go back to the heart of the issue here. that is the pension and pay for
9:18 am
police. >> yes. >> that has created tensions within the council because you said you could not afford to pay them, so, you cut. the police union reacted by basically trying to unseat council members. that has to create some tension there is between the police union. so, this new chief, guy or gal, comes in with a split council, a union that is not happy and a political group not happy with the cop's union. it doesn't sound like a great combination. >> and a mayor known as one of the toughest in the area on public employee unions. >> well that, will make it difficult in my opinion to attract the top notch chief. we are doing a nationwide search. i am hope that we can attract enough talent to want to come here. i think we will. it is a desirable place to work. but whoever is ultimately brought in the going to have a tall task. >> indeed, they are. that is why in part whether having community meeting, that is part of the -- i had to say
9:19 am
that is part of the process. it is a ritual. we have the meetings and this, and the national search. they will have to make the call. >> we will be following it for you. a new game plan in sacramento, in the meantime, with the democratic super power. >> what will they do with the political advantage? our political insiders sound off, next.
9:20 am
9:21 am
what's their next move? they're saying they re not g to raise taxes? so . new questions about super majority for the democrats in sacramento as the new legislative session is about the begin. what is 2 next move is this. >> they say they are not raising taxes. we have heard that before. what are they going to be doing? the labor unions and other special interest that is back the super majority claim to fame are not going to goodie up
9:22 am
the power. >> not after spending $100 million to make sure prop 30 and passed and prop 32 didn't pass. number one, they will make it more difficult for municipalities. number 2 increasing environmental regulations. number 3 possibly the initiative process to make it more difficult for a single individual. legislation for a single individual to put things on the ballot. >> so, basically what the democrats have the option of doing is rewriting the rule, whether it is municipal bankruptcy to protect the contracts of firefighters, police and such and environmental regulations, or the initiative prosthesis. >> all those are really small steps. they should take the power they currently have and redo the whole operation for the city of california. we are burdened with all the craziness around the initiative process. initiative process has no business in a democracy. we really ought to be about
9:23 am
referendum and recall. >> we have been watching the governor. he is now becoming the state's leading conservative by the time this is over. >> and he has his finger in the dice, trying to keep things happening. he made a lot of promise to get the business community to not oppose prop 30. i think he had to make a lot of promises and now that he has is last one standing against the democrat super majority, he has to defend himself. >> he will be relieved of some of the commitments on the discovery of the $11 million in the last two weeks it traces back to the last people -- . >> the last minute campaign. >> that is correct. all that money that ran through six different laundries before it arrived back here. >> on the macro, do you think we will see steamrolling or wheeling and dealing where the governor goes to the legislature and says okay, you want this and i want this.
9:24 am
let's meet half way is there i think we will see wheeling and dealing. to mayor brown's point, they probably won't take on these larger issues. they are concerned about keeping the super majority through 2 next election cycle, so, they believe if they do something democratic, they will lose the super majority. >> and jerry brown doesn't wheel and deal, engage in wheeling and dealing. he is a cat who pressures it from his own perspective and his own view. the fact you may have to join him, that is the question. >> the brown cousins -- . >> move in together for a long, long time. coming up, one last look at this morning's top stories. >> including new development in a deadly crime spree? san jose where officers caught a teen suspect. >> we will be right back. ,,,,
9:25 am
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a memorial service was heldr an . welcome back. here is a look at this morning's top stories. >> a memorial service was held for a 22-year-old man killed in an attempted carjacking in san jose. two suspects in the murder are now in custody, including a 15-year-old boy arrested on friday night. and the second death has occurred following a bad crash involving a chp cruiser. the accident happened early friday morning when a family returning from shopping slammed into the back of a parked cruiser on highway 101. and holiday shopper will be breaking out their wallets once again for cyber monday. more online retailers than ever will be offering deals. 72million people plan to spend some money tomorrow. are you going to? >> no, i have until the 24th. >> i love the last minute! cyber day is like the one day before. that it is for me. >> all right! >> phil and i will go shopping
9:28 am
together, which would be a good plan! in the bay area a good plan would be to get out and enjoy it today. unseasonal warm! 68 at oakland. 64 in the city and 66 at redwood city. san jose tops out at 68. we will dispense with the fog, get sun, then rain late tuesday and a rainy latter half of the week. more rain on the north bay than south bay. everybody gets rain and wind wednesday morning. >> ho-ho-ho from you! with the kick-off of the holiday season! >> we will enjoy the sun for the next couple of days. sometimes santa need as break. >> thousands of santas met up in sydney with water skis and fireworks! festival. acrobatic santas took to the harbour a water show. one flew over they enjoyed 68-degree weather for the annual santa claus festival. they took to a harbor for a water show. one flew over the water with a
9:29 am
water jet pack. they helped raise money for young patients. i wonder what the temperature was there? >> i flow. i believe it was upper 60s. we are lucky but we have 60s here. go out and enjoy it today. thank you for joining us! this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head.
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